Dartmouth Book Awards


George Borden

George Borden was dedicated to the sharing and celebrating of Black Canadian history and heritage. As a poet, songwriter, and storyteller, George found creative ways to connect with all ages to ensure these important stories were told.

George served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for 32 years. As a retired captain, he dedicated many years of his life to ensuring Black war veterans were properly acknowledged and honoured. One of the ways he did this was through the written word. His poem “The Black Soldier’s Lament,” which was inspired by the story of the No. 2 Construction Battalion (who served in the First World War as an all-Black unit), has been read across the country by students and educators, performed as part of special events, and included in other literary works on Black history.

Sadly, at his passing, George had yet-to-be-published works that continued to amplify Black stories and Black voices. His written words are a lasting piece of his legacy, and he no doubt inspired many others to pick up their pens and tell their own stories.

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